About Us

When Greg Bark and Todd Jones, created GT Knives, they both had over 15 years in the precision metal working industry, yet remarkably, these knives are their first.

Starting from scratch, and with no pre-conceived notions, their fresh and innovative approach has yielded an original high quality knife that is distinctively different in both external appearance as well as internal operation. Famous Trails saw what a fine product that they were making and they acquired the assets of GT Knives in 2002.

These button-lock folder knives have been designed with the closest possible tolerances on state-of-the-art CAD/CAM computer aided design equipment. They are CNC milled in GT Knives’ own knife shop on precision equipment by Greg and Todd themselves. Famous Trails has kept to the very high standards in the production of one of the finest knives in the industry. Famous Trails is a family owned company that also owns other popular brands such as; Mantis Knives and Trail Creek Products.

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