Knife Care & Warranty

Knife Care & Warranty Information

Congratulations on your purchase of a GT Knives Product. You now own one of the finest knives on the market today. This knife has been professionally manufactured  to exacting standards. When maintained and used properly this knife will give you a lifetime of excellent service.

WARNING!  When used improperly, or by someone unfamiliar with the proper care and use of knives, they can become dangerous weapons, causing serious bodily injury and death. Knives should never be used by a minor except under the direct supervision of an adult.

A GT Knife should be used for cutting purposes only. Therefore any other purpose would not be covered under warranty.

ATS-34  stainless blade steel has a high carbon content, which makes the blade hold a superb cutting edge. Unfortunately carbon is an element that causes rust, making the blade rust resistant but not rust proof. Always keep it clean and dry .

Continue to keep your knife sharp. A dull knife could be potentially more dangerous than a sharp one. Keep the interior of the knife clean from dust or debris. The accumulation of these can affect the performance of your knife. Lightly lube the pivot of the blade to keep it operating smoothly. Do not use any heavy oil or grease. We recommend using  KLEEN BORE High Tech TW25B or gun oil without detergent.

Your GT knife was not designed to be thrown or used as a screwdriver, pry bar, chisel, or punch. Do Not disassemble your knife. These are all considered abuse and WILL VOID THE WARRANTY.

To clean the interior of your knife, we recommend using compressed air. Always remember to wipe the blade clean.To help preserve the blade, we suggest using KLEEN BORE High Tech TW25B or gun oil, leaving a light coat of oil on it.

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY All GT Knives products have a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner. All knives returned for warranty work must be shipped with a letter stating the problem, along with  your Name, Address, and Phone number. After we receive the Knife we will contact you about it’s repair


WHAT IS COVERED replacement parts and labor.

WHAT IS NOT COVERED normal wear , abuse, damage caused by misuse, or failure to perform normal maintenance. GT Knives will not cover the cost of any lost or damaged parts due to attempts to repair the knife by anyone other than a GT KNIVES specialist. Shipping cost to return the knives is the responsibility of the knife owner.

All knives returned for warranty work must be shipped with a letter stating the problem, along with  your name, address and daytime telephone number. Please add $25.00 for repair and shipping cost.

GT Knives, Inc.

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